About The Gliomatosis Cerebri International Registry

The Gliomatosis Cerebri Registry is a key part of the Children's Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell Medicine Pediatric Neurosurgery. The registry will:

  • Establish a central database of gliomatosis cerebri cases worldwide, aggregating data on medical history, diagnostics, genomics, treatments and outcomes
  • Make available any discovery we make, any genetic information we uncover, about gliomatosis cerebri through open-source sharing
  • Accept and incorporate data from other researchers into our cloud-based registry, making it available to all partners
  • Consult with other physicians and researchers worldwide about individual cases of GC diagnosed in other hospitals
  • Provide a central place for patients and families confronting the diagnosis to find support and comfort from others

Weill Cornell Medicine Pediatric Neurosurgery researchers have established relationships with other research and clinical centers across the country and around the world in order to share data as widely as possible. See Who Is Eligible?

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